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 Evento: Patrick Mahomes Week 1 film review: Something good
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This is part one of a three-part weekly film analysis on the performance of Patrick Mahomes.You deserved that Kansas City. Patrick Mahomesí debut as the leader of this organization did not disappoint. There were varying levels of excitement and nerves throughout the city. So many unknowns, so much unfamiliarity with having a young quarterback of Kansas Cityís own. Mahomes was not perfect, but he did so many things to grow the positive energy. He certainly didnít do much to discourage.In this post, weíll get an overview, Wednesday, weíll look at the physical and mental traits and Thursday weíll talk about the growth process. Hereís something good and something bad from week one.Something goodI am stunned this play isnít getting the attention it deserves. This is what happens when there are so many plays to talk about.This is an absolute dagger. Late in the third quarter, up 24-12. Third-and-13, backed up on your own 11-yard line. The Chiefs are going to run a flood concept out of bunch. Travis Kelce is the point man of the three-receiver side and will take a short out route, Sammy Watkins comes underneath Kelce and runs a flat-7 route. The outside corner stays with Watkins, leaving Tyreek Hill in space with against Derwin James. Tyreek Hill threatens James vertically, gives an inside nod that he bites on and breaks out toward the sideline. Mahomes knows all the receivers to that side are working to the sidelines. When he sees space to step up and escape he starts working to them, like he would if he were on a sprint out. It works perfectly within the structure of the design, and even though he is working out of the pocket is able to give the structure of the play a chance.Mahomes throws with excellent velocity and anticipation. I like that Mahomes attacked the deepest route on the play, but he also made the right decision. There was so much pace for Hill to work with that he could adjust back to the ball a little. When you create that much space, you have some wiggle room.Even though the game was winding down and the Chiefs were up two scores, Mahomes didnít show any fear. He saw the opportunity and pulled the trigger. He went for the throat even though they were backed up near their own end zone. The Chiefs ultimately extended the lead with a touchdown to end this drive that Mahomes and Hill extended.Something badThere was a lot of good on this play, but not everything. The design was great and Mahomes actually killed into this play, meaning that they had more than one call in the huddle and based on alignment elected to run it. Mahomes came out of play action with Tyreek Hill running a deep cross from the slot and Travis Kelce coming underneath him on a high corner. The Chiefs were able to get Sammy Watkins, Kelce, Hill and Hunt (after a faint attempt to chip the EDGE) all out on routes. Hill made an incredible catch, but it came at a price. He was checked for head and shoulder injuries after that acrobatic catch on an under-throw in traffic. Mahomes pulled up on the throw, leaving it inside and short. It might have been due to the defensive lineman at his feet, but he needs to deliver through the pressure if heís going to try and throw over two defensive backs, which he failed to do. If heís going to take that shot I wouldíve liked to see the ball placed deeper, over both safeties and near the sideline. If he can't then he should (*gasp*) probably work down to the running back. Hill was able to track the ball and adjust in the air to complete it, but he landed awkwardly and had to sit out the next series as a result of medical checks.The Chiefs need to keep the Mahomes to Hill connection healthy, and it was put at risk with the ball placement. If youíre going to take a shot like that, you canít put Hill in a compromising situation like that. The risk was avoidable, and it wouldíve been awful to see half of the newest, most explosive tandem in football miss time. Quarterback anecdotesEvery week Iím going to add a quick note about something Iíve picked up about the quarterback position through my time learning the game.Good quarterbacks lie. Their bodies and eyes tell the story they want it to. When weíre talking about what a quarterback is reading, just because his head or body is moving doesnít mean theyíre processing the play where theyíre looking. In some instances, the processing is already done and theyíre using the time to move defenders to create or maintain space to deliver a throw.Chiefs vs Jaguars: Game and score predictions Once again, the Arrowhead Pride staff went a perfect 12 for 12 picking the Chiefs to defeat the Broncos in Denver. Weíre too cool.Letís start this week with the FanPulse predictions:You can sign up for AP FanPulse here to take the weekly survey.Using FanPulse a little deeper, we can see the Jaguars fansí level of confidence with the direction their organization is going into Week 5:And letís check on the Chiefs for good measure:We have two teams with high approval ratings from their fans heading into this game. It should be a great contest.Now letís move on to the staff predictions:Shawn Barber, Chiefs 17-14This weekís Prediction comes from Philadelphia at the Menís All Out or All In conference.Keys to the Game1. Make the Jaguars offense one-dimensional, keep Blake Bortles on the move. He is a completely different quarterback out of the pocket.2. Defensive improvement at the point of attack and an emphasis on finishing the plays. Wrap up on contact and have a ball-hawk mentality on creating turnovers.3. Chiefs offense needs to understand the importance of running the ball and utilizing Travis Kelce or slot receivers to force Jaguars safeties into coverage. The Jaguarsí only weakness is at that position, so the Chiefs offense must find ways to isolate that position throughout the game.This will be a tight game that comes down to the kicking game and our coverage teams must be at there best. The Chiefs will kick a late field goal to win the game.Aaron Borgmann, Chiefs 24-17The first regular-season game I ever worked for the Chiefs was against the Jaguars. It started off with a safety against us then we poured it on and never looked back. This game will be similar and although injuries on both sides may make an impact, the home team will move to 5-0 as expected with little trouble. Notice how one team is doing a lot of the talking and it isnít the one from this town? Usually, that doesnít end well for them. This game will be close, but the big-time players will make big-time plays and the Chiefs just have more of them.John Dixon, Chiefs 30-24The national pundits are breathlessly awaiting the moment when Patrick Mahomes will fail against a solid defense. Theyíre not wrong to think this could happen, because history strongly suggests this can occur with a young quarterback. However, history also includes the 2013 Chiefs, who were perceived early in the season as a historically stingy defense ó but as it turned out, they had simply played well against a string of less-than-stellar teams. Even if the Jaguars defense doesnít eventually prove to be similar to the 2013 Chiefs defense, after watching Mahomes play on the road against an amped-up (and effectively managed) Broncos defense Iím not going to pick against him at home.Matt Lane, Chiefs 24-23This isnít the first test the Chiefs will have faced this year but itís certainly the first real test after seeing the first quarter of the year. The Chargers continue to be the Chargers and the Steelers look like a mediocre football team at best through four weeks making this game quite possibly the first playoff caliber team the Chiefs are facing.The Jaguars offense is as inconsistent as the Chiefs tackling which creates a matchup of a very movable force against a completely stopped object. Normally Leonard Fournette being out for the Jaguars ends up being a good thing but for this particular matchup, itís a big loss, as he would prove to be quite the force to tackle for KC. Blake Bortles can have big games, especially if he relies on his legs, but the Chiefs EDGE players should be able to pressure him and force him into mistakes often.The Chiefs offense against the Jags defense may be the marquee matchup of the year and quite honestly itís going to be a slugfest. The Jags are good at pretty much every level and every position on defense and are really going to challenge an OL that has been very good for most of the year. Like the Denver game, a lot of the Chiefs offensive success is going to come down to WRs actually beating tight coverage and if Sammy Watkins isnít on the field, thatís a much taller task as we saw last week.The game is bound to be a close one and Jacksonville is the kind of team built to slow the Chiefs down, but on the legs of Kareem and some late play magic form ďShowtimeĒ Mahomes again.Gary McKenzie, Jaguars 27-24I pick the Chiefs to win most of the time, but for some reason, I have the feeling the ball will bounce the Jaguarsí way on Sunday.I think Mahomes will play decently, but the Jaguars elite secondary is able to pick him off for the first time in 2018. Even with Leonard Fournette out, I donít think the Chiefs will be able to stop the Jaguars from running the ball however much they want to.Matt Stagner, Chiefs 35-31This could be another ugly game. The Chiefs might be in the rain, struggling to throw the ball against the No. 1 passing defense in the league. I expect turnovers, blown plays and a back-and-forth score all afternoon. The short week and tough opponent concern me. I could easily argue that the Chiefs will lose... but thatís not me. I donít bet against Ma-homies.Craig Stout, Jaguars 24-17While a *stacked* Jaguars defense against a *stacked* Chiefs offense should answer a lot of the early questions about each team this season, the game-determining battle will come on the other side of the ball. The Jaguars should be able to move the ball readily against a porous Chiefs run defense, and they wonít be afraid to run the ball 35-plus times to get the job done. Blake Bortles will keep plays alive with his legs and target the underneath receivers in space, an area the Chiefs coverage unit hasnít defended particularly well. Mahomes tries to overcome the deficit in limited snaps, but he finally turns the ball over while pushing for the comeback victory.Kent Swanson, Jaguars 24-23I have been going back and forth on my feelings about this game. Winning in this league isnít easy. Winning four in a row, including three on the road is a fantastic start for Patrick Mahomes and company.The Chiefs are a day short on preparation with the primetime game on Monday. The Jaguars defense is lights out, and Mahomes is facing his hands down toughest test to date. The Chiefs defense plays better, but the Jaguars get a special teams touchdown that ultimately nets them a win.Pete Sweeney, Chiefs 24-17For the first time all season, we saw a team slow down the Kansas City Chiefs offense Monday night, but with nearly everyone having an off night, Patrick Mahomes found a way to push his team through. Mahomes hasnít seen anything like the Jacksonville Jaguars defense this seasonóthey are elite at every levelóbut what he showed me Monday night is that may not matter. In this matchup of the leagueís best defense against the leagueís best offense, I look for the Jaguars to try to slow this thing down, but Mahomes is too much for them in the end regardless of that plan.Joel Thorman, Chiefs 33-2833 is a lot of points for a team going against arguably the best defense in the league but the Chiefs have too many weapons to hold them down. The legend of Patrick Mahomes continues.Aly Trost, Chiefs 31-21With Patrick Mahomes, there seems to be no shortage on surprises and skill. Heís given us no reason to go against him, therefore, Iím predicting a second Arrowhead victory for the Chiefs on Sunday. Hill will quiet Ramsey with his speed, despite the press, and Kansas City will close out Week 5 with their fifth straight win.Dane Van Why, Jaguars 21-16This is it, everyone. Every year Iíve been following this team, they have a game where we are left wondering what just happened. How about 2015 Week 5 against the Bears? Or 2016ís losses against the Bucs AND the Titans at home. And donít get me started on the Bills game from just last season. Weird games like this seem to happen yearly for Kansas City. While this is a different team with a different quarterback, I still have the same strange feeling going into this game. I think the Jaguars defense will be too much for a Chiefs offense coming off of a short week and a hard-fought battle against Denver.As promised, here are the standings. Thereís a log-jam of contributors who are tied at the top.Contributor RankingsContributorRecordContributorRecordThis week eight out of 12 of the Arrowhead Pride contributors picked the Chiefs. Who are you picking?

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