Guglielmo Marconi's radio club (CM) was born in Genova (Italy) on 2nd May 1973 joining a group of friends and fans of radio transmissions in Citizen Band;  they decided to join in order to share their passion with their families.
The primary purpose of the group was to arrange a place where you can share radio experiences.
However, this place became something special: a place to share also our personal and human experiences, in friendship and solidarity.

After 41 years, things have changed............
Several friends left us, but other new friends have become members to increasing the group ranks in a wave of innovation. 
The progress of science and technology is extremely rapid.
The age of the old seventies self-built radios has ended and we live in the age of P.computer, Internet, Social Networks and others multimedia devices.
However, the CM spirit did not change any way; our members are PC programmers, Super-OM, inveterate DX-MAN or ordinary people but they all bound by a deep sense of friendship and aggregation.
All this helps us in planning "Special Event Stations" (SES), in cooperation with local Authorities to promote and support our regional resources, and helping cultural or charities events.

Currently, we have several members in Italy and in some other countries.
However, the most important thing for being CM is not quantity but spirit inside every member!!




16161 GENOVA/57 (GE)