To be admitted as member of Gruppo Guglielmo Marconi it is necessary to have several prerequisites and to follow a few but important rules:

use radio as a strument to overcome every human barriers of nationality, race, politics and religious faiths.

having a perfect behaviour, respect, courtesy and professionality in your radio activity as CM member.

inform the group about your private data, address and telephone number; only QRZ, name, club adddress (private address after your authorization only) will appear on the Directory and the e-mail address, if you want (after your authorization only).

pay the membership fee: 25,00 from the first year.

be punctual in every annual membership renewal: 25,00 within the end of November; if you will not pay, your name will not appear in the next Directory.

lead the recommended method of fees payments: we do not accept cheques anyway (see at the page bottom).  

If you wish, you can fill-in the  subscription on-line form, as pre-subscription (valid after paying membership fee).


LOOK OUT!!: To send the membership fee (first subscription and renewals) it is advisable, but not obbligatory to credit money in our credit card" (POSTEPAY), with the following details:

for Italian members only

WARNING!! The card number is chaenged since 10th May 2018

n. 4023 6009 5840 4990
- payable to "Rollando Marco Mario".

for foreign members

please ask the Headquarters for details, if you want to pay by bank transfer.


However, it will be possible to pay by cash at the CM Headquarters, every Friday evening. We do not advise to send money by post. If you want you can send it by registered letter, at least.


For furthe information:


16161 GENOVA/57 (GE)